Suckmusic is looking forward to hosting the first dedicated Producer Party. The event will be held at Wah Wah Lounge on Friday the 8th of July 2011. Music from the following artists is being released on local, international and their own record labels. Many of these artists frequently appear in ARIABeatport and iTunes charts as well as on commercial radio. We look forward to hearing their music and the music that inspires them. See ya at the party ;P

T-Rek, Chardy, Ryan Riback, Nick Coleman, Orkestrated, Heath Renata, Silversix
Stevie Mink, Hey Sam, Trav Barrington, Momo, John Baptiste, Benson, Jesus, Anima Sana

This photo was taken in Waratah Place, an iconic laneway in the city of Melbourne.
(Absent: Chardy, Heath Renata & Anima Sana)

Tickets are $25 and are on sale now ! Tickets are available for purchase/collection at Wah Wah Lounge Thursday 11-5pm every Thursday up until the 7th. Also available Thu-Sat nights at Wah Wah 9pm till late.

While it may be freezing in Melbourne at the moment, over the other side of the globe the Festival season has begun, and it’s all sun and beaches. We expect a few of our international DJ friends and labels to appreciate our next release, whilst Melbourne can expect a re-releases of this unique house track later on this year.

Rod Logic is the next step in a march towards the inevitable Singularity. A human/computer symbiosis in art, we are the combination of the generational capability of modern machines and the aesthetic ability of modern humans. A computer/human hybrid welded by a machine god. Rock over London, rock on Chicago. Join us once you’ve transcended.

Silversix goes melodic beach party vibe with his remix, while Anima Sana saxes up his remix with a banana lounge pool party version. Enjoy xx

We step into the main room with this next release from Stevie Mink. Stevie was cast into the spotlight in 2010 after he and Holly J, delivered a dance floor bomb remix of T-Rek’s ‘Out My Bitch’. SInce then Stevie has found himself DJ’ing in all the name places around town and playing the big Melbourne Festivals.

‘Now Drop’ is Stevie’s first release for Suckmusic and will be the first of many. This track is a big and loose. Trumpet/horn rhythm lead, ghetto disco string change ups and a tuff vocal combine with a great dance floor moving drums & bass.

Heath Renata  continues to churn out quality offerings and this remix is no exception. He brings a precision lead into the equation, almost a modern “Sunshine Of Your Love” guitar riff!

Runi Nunes & Jamie Vlahos along with Juicy join the party for this one, and yes, the party vibe on this track is definitely happening.

Mixed by Melbourne Producer & DJ Trav Barrington, comes the first edition in the series of TwelveToTwelve mix-tapes. Featuring his personal cheeky edits and cut’s served on a platter of deep grooves with a side of funk. Not a stranger to the scene, Trav has played at many clubs across Melbourne. Whether its early or late, deep, funky or chunky, his set’s are guaranteed to make you feet tingle and your body move.

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