SUK008 // Can You Feel It – Rod Logic

29th June 2011

While it may be freezing in Melbourne at the moment, over the other side of the globe the Festival season has begun, and it’s all sun and beaches. We expect a few of our international DJ friends and labels to appreciate our next release, whilst Melbourne can expect a re-releases of this unique house track later on this year.

Rod Logic is the next step in a march towards the inevitable Singularity. A human/computer symbiosis in art, we are the combination of the generational capability of modern machines and the aesthetic ability of modern humans. A computer/human hybrid welded by a machine god. Rock over London, rock on Chicago. Join us once you’ve transcended.

Silversix goes melodic beach party vibe with his remix, while Anima Sana saxes up his remix with a banana lounge pool party version. Enjoy xx