NC_Bimbo Deluxe_FA-03

Suckmusic is proud to present our first live stream show next Saturday night @ our monthly Bimbo Deluxe party. Tiny Tiny will be performing live from the USA, with newly signed artist Louis Emile & Doakes taking over controls in house. Show kicks off at 8:30pm Melbs time, 6:30am EDT in the US. The show will also be simulcast on our Suckmusic Youtube channel for those too old to go out and partayyyy ;P see u on the D floor.

NC_Bimbo Deluxe_FA-01
This month we kick off a new night with our good friends at Bimbo Deluxe. Having been together for nearly 2 years now we have decided to spice up the relationship. Both label and venue have been working hard behind the scenes developing new ways to present what we do intheclubs to an online audience want to stay tuned in. Get ready for some very cool music streams coming soon!

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