Suckmusic is looking forward to hosting the first dedicated Producer Party. The event will be held at Wah Wah Lounge on Friday the 8th of July 2011. Music from the following artists is being released on local, international and their own record labels. Many of these artists frequently appear in ARIABeatport and iTunes charts as well as on commercial radio. We look forward to hearing their music and the music that inspires them. See ya at the party ;P

T-Rek, Chardy, Ryan Riback, Nick Coleman, Orkestrated, Heath Renata, Silversix
Stevie Mink, Hey Sam, Trav Barrington, Momo, John Baptiste, Benson, Jesus, Anima Sana

This photo was taken in Waratah Place, an iconic laneway in the city of Melbourne.
(Absent: Chardy, Heath Renata & Anima Sana)

Tickets are $25 and are on sale now ! Tickets are available for purchase/collection at Wah Wah Lounge Thursday 11-5pm every Thursday up until the 7th. Also available Thu-Sat nights at Wah Wah 9pm till late.

PROMO // T-Rek – Tits!

3rd June 2011

These days it is often hard to find an artist that has created their own niche with a unique sound. One guy who has had no trouble doing so with great success is T-Rek.

The Melbourne based maestro returns in the form of ‘Tits!’. A trademark mash of club, electro, and rock fuels this cheeky dancefloor gem.

Remix package includes mixes from Orkestrated, Honeysmack, Congo Tardis, Benson, and a whopping 17 minute GB Tits Mix from the man himself.

<NQR is a party brand that established itself just over 12 months as a revolt to the current music situation in Melbourne. The ideology of the brand was to be judged on the music you play and not the people you can bring to a club.

In doing so the boys at NQR have run a monthly party at Revolver since December 2009 and has become a stalwart brand in Melbourne’s club scene. Predominantly a deep house/tech house/techno party, the boys have paved a way for underground house music to become accessible to Melbourne Party Goers.

You can find NQR@Revolver on the 3rd Friday of every month. Guests have included: DJ PP, Boogs, Spacey Space, Luke McD alongside regulars Chardy, Aaron Trotman, Nick Young, TBIB, Tom Evans & Jesse Young.

It was a year ago that we posted our first DJ mix on Suckmusic. It seems very appropriate that we post this mix recorded by the same DJ Mr Spacey Space for our Birthday post. This set was recorded at Revolver last Sunday night before international guests Monkey Safari. And yes, this is A Grade, 100% pure Columbian disco shit from one of Melbourne’s finest DJ’s. Enjoy!

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