Bimbo_July copyThis Saturday Suckmusic residents Doakes, Lucille Croft & Nick Coleman will be down doin there thing at Bimbo Deluxe. Come down join the party ;P

20:30-22:30 | Nick Coleman
22:30-0:30 |Lucille Croft
0:30 – 2:30 | Doakes

I am attracted to the ambience of low light,  colours lit by faces and drinks of amber, orange crystal & lime. Words are often lost but i still understand what your saying. Hear i can be alone and not mind because im with everyone.  I can see you, just like me. This is how i am, when im in the clubs.

Suckmusic In The Clubs Volume 6 presents Baz Emera, Eeemus, Pete Large, Nostaljack & WLVS. Expect to hear solo releases from these producers later in the year.

suckmusic-july-2014_banner copy

Suckmusic crew – presenting new and exciting dance music from home and around the world.

12-2:30am Nick Coleman | 2:30-4am Doakes |4-5:30am Jack Love | 5:30-7am Sophia Sin

Every now and again you hear a song that makes you stop what your doing and stare blankly into space, a song that washes away your thoughts and colours you in a story of music you know but have never met. Take The Time is one of these songs.

After staring blankly at the screen for a while we proceeded to hunt down the artist Tiny Tiny, who’s song had appeared for no apparent reason front row centre in our soundcloud feed. We discovered a very talented and prolific singer song writer from Somerset Kentucky USA. Boone Williams AKA Tiny Tiny’s sound is raw, haunting and beautifully emotional. He was signed to the label post haste.

suckmusic june 2014-01

The Queens birthday, definitely the biggest Suckmusic Revolver Upstairs every year!

Guest’s Mike Metro & Kris Sach join label artists’s Doakes & Nick Coleman in what’s sure to be a ripper of a night.We are sure her majesty will have no issues with the quality of this birthday lineup!

1-2:30am | Kris Sach 2:30-4am | Mike Metro 4-5:30am | Doakes 5:30-7am | Nick Coleman

Bimbo_may_more_lighter2This Saturday Suckmusic residents Doakes, We’re Deux & Pete Large will be gracing the controls at Bimbo Deluxe.
Get, on, ze dance floor, move ur bo-dy to the rhythm,
don’t, just, stand there! get your body down ~. suck cabin crew

20:30-22:30 | We’re Deux
22:30-0:30 |Pete Large
0:30 – 2:30 | Doakes

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