Time for #14 at Revolver Upstairs is here this Friday from 1-7am.

This month we welcome Sophia Sin back to the decks for her second Revolver appearance. Stay tuned for debut EP releasing early 2013.

As usual Silversix & Nick Coleman will be playing the rest of the night.

Suckmusic at the door for cheap entry. xx

Currently #33 in the ARIA Club Charts.

Suckmusic would like to welcome Adelaide boys Wellsaid & Rubberteeth to the label. It has been a busy 2012 for both producers who’s collaborations are popping up on some quality labels across the country. When we first heard South Side Jam we were so excited that we promptly got into the car, put the track on repeat, and floored it South Side! After some nice fish and chips (washed down with a can of Sprite) in Frankston we went home and said yeah we sign track ok now cool cool!

This track kills it in the clubs and you can be forgiven for jamming. Completing this package we have remixes by Melbourne locals and house party professionals Mike Metro, Hey Sam and Choobz.

Houseno #2 – Damon Walsh

18th October 2012

The deeper sounds we have come to expect from Damon at the infamous Mi Casa and a precursor to the future Circlejerk parties.

Our 4th Suckmusic monthly night @ Bimbo Deluxe is this Saturday. 
As the Suck boys are reppin it up at ADE in Amsterdam we’ve invited some of our friends to keep the nite rocking. Get down and show your suport for these guys.
DJ’s start at 8:30 and go through till 2:30. It will be free entry all night with the pizzas available till late. 

Hey Sam 8:30-10:30pm
Jacob Malmo 10:30 – 12:30pm
Torren Foot 12:30 – 2:30

Baby Goggles Suckmusic Mix

15th October 2012

You can catch Baby Goggles playing weekly at Fake Chow – Geelong’s home for underground dance music and those who like to party.

Currently #28 in the ARIA Club Charts.

SupercalifragilisticexpialiDOPESH!T.OK…so… Hey Sam & Butters must have a serious crush on Mary Poppins, or they are just two very weird dudes. The result of this collab is a, lets say, a Rumble House style track – plenty of bass but not smack in your face.

Eric Laville needs little introduction to the dance music fraternity. His trademark sound is all over his remix and will have the dance floor marching on into the night.

COMBO! are Chris Comito & Bowen Luc. These guys are quickly establishing their name with some quality originals productions and remixes. Keep an eye out for these guys.

As always Swit steps up to the plate with a ripper party rocker remix that is guaranteed to get everyone jumping. The production and musicality of his work always impresses us.

Will Sparks remix is well, the smack in your face version. This is peak time, main room material that will surely do damage in the electro house charts. This talented 19 year old is on track for big things.

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