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This month we kick off a new night with our good friends at Bimbo Deluxe. Having been together for nearly 2 years now we have decided to spice up the relationship. Both label and venue have been working hard behind the scenes developing new ways to present what we do intheclubs to an online audience want to stay tuned in. Get ready for some very cool music streams coming soon!


Suckmusic will be looking after the beats at this years Melbourne Art Restaurant Cocktail Sound. MARCS Festival, sponsored by the City of Melbourne, hits Duckboard Place & ACDC Laneways for the second year running from 12pm-7pm on Sunday the 28th February, 2016.

MARCS is a celebration of what Melbourne is essentially about – its World famous food and beverage establishments, the ever-changing music scene and the famous painted laneways.


SUK048 | Tiny Tiny EP

8th February 2016

Scene 1

(On the phone/through the wires/to the car)

She already knew her answer, and by the time his voice made it into the receiver, through the wires, and out the other side, she was ready to give it.
It was an easy decision, most of the time it felt like they were the only two people in a dead end town, other times it felt even lonelier. A trip to the city was in both of their futures.

Scene 2

(Bring along for the ride)

Windows. Down. Still. Sweating.
Does anything in this car still work? He divides his attention between the road and the million little minuscule things about her he finds irresistible and untouchable, while she connects the dots between stars from the passenger seat. Stars/Planets/Satellites…up ahead city lights.

Scene 3

(We are in the city)

That feeling as you get further and further from home like you might eventually float off the planet.
They drive straight into the teeth. Hard to know if it is excitement, nerves or both. Hard to know when to stop when you’ve never known where your going in the first place.

Scene 4

(DRIVE all night long)

It always seemed to him like the nights you want most to last forever are the ones that go by the very quickest, like tonight.). He wasn’t sure if they were friends, more, or just convenient. He just hoped that whatever it was, it wasn’t over. To him, this was a moment, this was a movie, this was something worth remembering. As for her, she rarely made these trips alone. She liked company.