It is with the greatest of pleasure that we present our 100th release. A remix of Eudaimonia’s Uroboros is befitting for the occasion, a collaboration between Eudaimonia, label founder Nick Coleman and Düsseldorf singer Julika Elizabeth.

The vocal session from Julika, recorded by the legendary German engineer Peter Krick, was to be the catalyst and inspiration for Coleman’s remix. Recorded in one takes, Julika lay down every part in an hour, without a single retake. Her aura and energy in the session was truly captivating, powerful & transcendental 🤯The Hindu mantra “Om Namah Shivaya” she performs is a popular passage to further know and understand your own self.

Eudaimonia’s Uroboros is an eternal cycle and ultimately the cause of this chain of events. His remix parallels a similar philosophical after thought, the process of going back around, conjuring a new interpretation to further know and understand oneself.

Initially scheduled in for June release, the lead and title track ‘Uroboros’ underwent a journey of its own, finding its way into the hands of exciting 19 year old Düsseldorf singer Julika Elizebeth, who’s compelling vocal session on the piece, ultimately provided a wholeness and infinity to the song.

“Before taking up electronic music I learned classical piano. The melody from the third track, Augen, is from one of my favourite pieces, prelude op.32 no.5 by Rachmaninoff.” Eudaimonia

Uroboros EP is out now 🔴⚫

Mount Mike and Savaggio present a synergistic collaboration and exploration of melodic techno music. The two crossed paths in West Vancouver and shared an excitement and inspiration for new and unseen territories.

Individually, Mike continues to build his international reputation with a string of exciting releases while Berlin expat Toni, a seasoned musician who’s 2019 touring scheduled included live shows at renowned Berlin clubs Kater Blau, Sysophis, Dojo (Bristol) & La Crosière de Châteu Perché (Paris) has quickly established his reputation in BC and looks set to make his mark in the US electronic music scene.

Remixes from emerging talents Rem Siman (Melbourne, Australia) & Gilles Bernies (Düsseldorf, Germany) complement the release, label cohorts up for the mission, beyond the physical and onto The Promised Land.

Eudaimonia’s three track EP is a supplementary release to his debut album, released December last year. The euphoric intensity of Patagonia, the breath of reflection in Like Salt and the spiritual exploration of Tripitaka are a wonderful resolution to an impressive body of work. The songs were premiered on Kiss FM Australia in January in his first live performance .

Patagonia, a region of southern South America of intense natural beauty. My artistic vision for this track was to express the excitement and beauty of Patagonia. The EP is a supplementary release to my debut album, to be followed by a second EP in the June – Eudaimonia

The Tree of Life symbol represents our personal development, uniqueness and individual beauty. Just as the branches of a tree strengthen and grow upwards to the sky, we too grow stronger, striving for greater knowledge, wisdom and new experiences as we move through life.

Gilles commitment to presenting the world with powerful and emotive music extends beyond his own productions. In the past year his ’Taste Of Electro’ Spotify playlist has amassed 10K followers. Another testament of an artist striving for greater knowledge, wisdom and new experiences.

SUK095 | Rem Siman – Sin EP

19th February 2021

Rem Siman’s debut release ‘Supa Shine’ on Suckmusic last year was impressive. Supported by legendary Melbourne DJ Spacey Space who featured the title track on his Suckmusic 10 Year DJ mix, both tracks from his first EP now sit in the label’s Top 10 on Beatport.

His follow up, another two track EP – Sin / Dusty Boy, reveals an artist who’s musical emotion will not be confined to a genre, rather defined by the power, energy and character of his spirit. A mature attribute for an emerging producer/DJ.

The dance floors are not quite back to normal in Australia but the clubs and festivals are open and people are dancing again! With a maximum of 50 on the floor at one time, per dance area, and subject to the four square metre rule, the new social distancing rules are hard to enforce when Spacey gets behind the decks.

His most recent release ‘Around The Corner’ which was featured on Triple J’s prime time dance program ‘The Friday Night Shuffle’, has been rocking the summer season and his new track ‘Dope Is Dope’ takes it up another notch. This is grade A, 100 percent pure party vibes coming through the speakers and it is no surprise that punters are busting some serious party moves to this one.

Dope Is Dope is out now.

Have a great weekend 😀🔴⚫

SUK093 – Nick Coleman Live

22nd January 2021

It is with great pleasure that we present the first in a series of three live electronic music albums from label founder Nick Coleman. The album is the result of two years pre-production, research, development and innovation, at the forefront electronic music technology and performance.

In 2017 Coleman programmed software enabling him to play synthesisers and iOS instruments using the violin, becoming the first violinist in the world to achieve this. During the album recording process, pioneering synthesiser makers Moog and Elektron invited Coleman to beta test their software and iOS synths, as he re-defined the possibilities of electronic music and live performance.

These first eight songs deliver a diverse dynamic of sound and melody and we look forward with great anticipation to witnessing first hand the live show from which this music has become.

“ I’m amazed at the music you have presented here ” – Wolfgang Flür (Kraftwerk 1971-1987)

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