“Just finished a 5 hour set @revolverupstairs, probably my best set that I have played thus far on planet earth. I recorded it and will be post to my soundcloud. There was only one track that didn’t seem the right track to play, but no one is perfect. That’s what makes us human Nicholas. Thanks Sunny again for the keys, happy to baby sit anytime xx
#Fuck… thanks to everyone who was hear. Wicked energy comin back to my ears.”

It is with great pleasure that Suckmusic releases legendary Melbourne DJ Spacey Space‘s first original production in 10 years. As a DJ his name is carved elegantly in the foundations of Melbourne’s dance music culture, but is this, is this the building blocks of a new era? Lets hope so.

537316_10151936098646390_2016189750_n The extended Revolver Sundays family, Suckmusic and Twice Shy team up to wrap the Cup weekend club festivities in the customary style, with 2 rooms of belting club music from 7pm Monday night through until midday or so Cup Day.

Featuring Boogs vs Spacey Space, Sunshine, Mike Callander, T-Rek, Radiator, Silversix, Hans DC, Nick Coleman, Sophia Sin, Doakes, Brad Daniels, Uone and Alex Anderson plus two special international guests. Free before 10pm.

flyer_Bimbo_600x600NCThis Saturday night is our monthly Bimbos party.
We have so much fun on these nights.
We get to play the music we love playing to an always up for it crowd.
Much love Bimbos xx

20:30-22:30 | Sophia Sin
22:30-0:30 | Doakes
0:30 – 2:30 | Nick Coleman

“Come on, leave that” she said, her dark brown eyes flickered in his direction. “I like what we have here’ his hands opened softly, “no hurry”. He had been watching her paint her lips in the mirror, dark red, natural beauty. She wasn’t ready, that was all he needed to say. “Did you find anything?”. “A couple of tracks yes” he replied. For a moment he wasn’t sure whether they were something she would approve of, “Yes, let me know what u think”. He began tapping his foot too one of the new ones…yeah…wicked track he thought. Very cool hats.”Jack“, this time she looked across, “Im ready” she smiled. For tonight, he wasn’t to be Friendless.

Sophia Sin has been travelling the world, listening, learning. A free mind & spirit she is beginning to find her voice as a producer and DJ. While her DJ sets are wild and untamed, fuelled by passion & fire her productions are a calm, intimate reflection of the still green waters that surround her. With The Fishes is the first single from her upcoming EP. Let yourself mind float into her world for a bit, its pretty special.

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