Suckmusic @ Bimbos #10

13th June 2013

Our monthly Saturday at Bimbos this months welcomes back guest DJ Butters.
Nick Coleman and Doakes will also be in the house from 8:30pm. As always get down nice early and enjoy the quality pizza’s & beers.

8:30-10:30 / Nick Coleman
10:30-12:30 / Doakes
12:30-2:30 / Butters

It is with great pleasure that fellow record label mates Jump To This & Say Wat come join us at our monthly Suckmusic Revolver Upstairs Party. Head honchos Hey Sam (JTT) & Benson (Say Wat) will be joined by Sophie Sin & Nick Coleman.

We have been informed that there will be Teeshirt & sticker give aways from all three labels! Night kicks off at 1am. c ya there x

1:00 – 2:30am / Nick Coleman
2:30-4:00am / Hey Sam
4:00-5:30am / Benson
5:30-7:00am / Sophia Sin

Suckmusic heads back down to The Club Hotel Sale. This will be our 3rd trip down the Princes Freeway and it is safe say it won’t be the last. The Saleians definitely know how to rock the house and the event has already become a highlight of the SM calendar.

Coleman & Silversix will be supported by local talents Rowan Bell & Agassi Hua, Jacob Archibald & Grant Ferguson.

Thanks to everyone at Fake Chow for a wicked night, we had a blast. We recorded local resident Dylan Bauer & label boss Nick Coleman’s sets from the night. Enjoy.

11-12am / Dylan Bauer
1:30-3am / Nick Coleman

Mike Metro continues to forge a unique sound within the Melbourne dance music scene. Himi Jendrix fuses an obscure interview from the legendary guitarist with a straight to it 3 piece house setup. Bass, piano and kit jam a late night, smoke hazed jazz club kinda of feel. Asahi please…2.

This is the first release of any kind Nick Coleman has penned his named to since January 2012. A massive Hendrix fan, Coleman appears to have gone all EXP on the remix, referencing the opening of Jimi’s 1967 album Axis: Bold As Love.

Back by popular demand the lovely Sophia Sin is back in the house fresh from her little sojourn in Europe. Doakes will makes his debut in the mainroom as he continues to turn heads in clubs across Melbourne. Label boss Nick Coleman will be in the house and will begin the nights affairs!

20:30 – 22:30 / Nick Coleman
22:30 – 00:30 / Sophia Sin
00:30 – 02.30 / Doakes

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