Swit’s ‘This Funk’ release on the Suckmusic compilation series In The Clubs Vol 2 was an absolute floor filler and destroyer. He sound is tough yet musical and has recently sent us through another ripper of a track ‘The Party’ which is to appear on In The Clubs 3 early April. Check out this mix he sent us early this year. All class!

Silversix and Nick Coleman will be in the house getting down to the 34’s with the 12’s as per usual.

Suckmusic members will receive free entry as always, while discounted entry is still available for everyone else using the ‘Suckmusic’ open list.

The back bar plays host to regulars Mike Callander & crew.

More info at the Facebook event.

This is some real shit. You know how much Rosé cost on sale? 30 dollars a bottle. Im gonna really fuck your mind up. So much so your Head Will Explode into your headphones when played at high volume. Preferably in a residential area.

A bit Shell Shocked you punk mother fuckers, mother fuckers, mother fuckers, yeah alright. Stop and stare, chick aaaaaaaaaarggghhhhhhhhh!

John Baptiste – Shock Leads, Bass, Drums, Samplers.
Choobz – Saw Waves, Bottom End, Rhythm Bleeps, Vocal Snips.

Wah Wah Lounge and Suckmusic have joined forces to bring you the next installment of the hugely successful Can’t Stop parties, Can’t Stop Suckmusic Australia Day Eve!

These parties are known for their rocking tunes and great crowd, this is one night not to miss.

Featuring: Orkestrated, Chardy, Nick Coleman, Silversix, Holly J, Reece Low, Damon Walsh, Hey Sam, Eddie Stephens, Clipping, Butters, Markie Mark & Obay and Lamont & Paynting.

We’re Deux are an electronic music duo consisting of Michael Douglas and Nick Villanti. Based in the outskirts of Melbourne, the pair entered the world of production through mixing disco and hip hop layering the sounds from different genres over each other on a basic DJ setup.

Suckmusic will be releasing their debut EP on the label in March.

check this recent DJ mix, need we say more!

Thank you to all those who have been coming to our club nights at revs…we are having soooo much fun on these nights. Shall see you at the bar!

More info at the Facebook event.

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