“Come on, leave that” she said, her dark brown eyes flickered in his direction. “I like what we have here’ his hands opened softly, “no hurry”. He had been watching her paint her lips in the mirror, dark red, natural beauty. She wasn’t ready, that was all he needed to say. “Did you find anything?”. “A couple of tracks yes” he replied. For a moment he wasn’t sure whether they were something she would approve of, “Yes, let me know what u think”. He began tapping his foot too one of the new ones…yeah…wicked track he thought. Very cool hats.”Jack“, this time she looked across, “Im ready” she smiled. For tonight, he wasn’t to be Friendless.

Sophia Sin has been travelling the world, listening, learning. A free mind & spirit she is beginning to find her voice as a producer and DJ. While her DJ sets are wild and untamed, fuelled by passion & fire her productions are a calm, intimate reflection of the still green waters that surround her. With The Fishes is the first single from her upcoming EP. Let yourself mind float into her world for a bit, its pretty special.

We would like to thank Revolver Upstairs for three fantastic years of Suckmusic monthly parties. It is truly a priviledge to be a resident and we look forward to many more birthdays into the future. A huge thank you to everyone who has come down and supported the night. Without you well there really isn’t much of a party now is there. We kick off at 12 tonight so come down and party with us xx


This month we celebrate 1 year of our Saturday night parties @ Bimbos! We would like to thank everyone who has come down and made these Saturdays so much fun. Nick Coleman, Jack Love, Doakes & Sophia Sin will be in the house for our birthday and will be celebrating all night long!!

To give you an idea of what dancing shoes to bring next Saturday night here is the much anticipated Doakes mix from lasts months party. He was on fire and yep, so was the house!

20:30-22:30 | Sophia Sin
22:30-0:30 | Nick Coleman Vs Jack Love
0:30 – 2:30 | Doakes

This set was recorded at this months Suckmusic Bimbos. It was looking like it was going to be ‘one of those nights’ from the very beginning and yep, by the end of it all people were well, climbing up the walls!

Next month is our one year Birthday at Bimbos so we gonna start hypin it up now. Silversix hasn’t done a mix in ages so when he hit is up asking for a listen of his set from the night, we new there was a fair chance that we would be posting it. peace x

We welcome back Sophia Sin and Doaks this month for our Suckmusic at Revolver Upstairs, both of whom were having a little chill out over in Bali.

Nick Coleman will open up the front room from 1am, and if the last two monthly parties is anything to go by, will most likely be rocking out the closing set till 7!

Suckmusic @ Bimbos #11

18th July 2013

This Saturday night @ Bimbos we have Silversix, Doakes & Nick Coleman at the controls. House music all night long!

Get down early for quality beers & pizzas and gear up for a big one!

8:30-10:30pm | Nick Coleman
10:30-12:30 | Silversix
12:30- Close | Doakes

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