In October Butters started running Lady Luck at Circus Fridays and has focused in on his own style of music and expressing his individuality & creativity behind the decks.

You can find Butters every week at Lady Luck – Circus Night Club Melbourne

DJ MIX // We’re Deux Mixtape

12th December 2011

We’re Deux are an electronic music duo consisting of Michael Douglas and Nick Villanti. Based in the outskirts of Melbourne, the pair entered the world of production through mixing disco and hip hop layering the sounds from different genres over each other on a basic DJ setup.

Drawing influence from diverse artists, ranging from Portishead to Booka Shade, the pair began producing electronic music in 2007. Whilst still finding and developing their sound, they were fortunate to have a number of releases on various labels in 2011.
The duo are currently trying their hand at making a variety of different styles while remaining true to the fundamental house vibe and are looking forward to releasing their debut EP on prominent Melbourne label Suckmusic.

We look forward to their upcoming EP release on Suckmusic early next year 🙂

SUK013 // Funky! – Silversix

8th December 2011

Silversix’s second feature release for us this year reaffirms his love for horns, cowbells and everything “Funky!”.

The driving house beat, off beat jazz bass and catchy trumpet lines work the ball room a treat.

Suckmusic would like to welcome our first international producer to the label. Uruguay’s main man DJ PP (Gabriel Rocha) jumps on board with a with a signature funk remix.

Australian heavyweight Chardy backs up with another Silversix remix and its a main room monster. This track is big, make sure you have replacement back up speakers!


DJ MIX // Dotke Live Mix

3rd December 2011

Dotke (Dotan Tamir), Israeli born and raised, moved to Australia in 2007. Dotke’s love of house music started when he was 15 years old and sneaking to the underground clubs of Tel Aviv such as Allenby 58 and Comfort 13 to get closer to the sounds he knew he loved.

Dotke’s musical style has been influenced by the deep and sometimes emotional bass sounds of funk, soul and house music. His DJ sets let the audience not only hear, but feel and experience those deep bass and dark vocals .

Dotke began Djing in Tel Aviv in 2003 and had his first gig in Australia in 2008.

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