SUK093 – Nick Coleman Live

22nd January 2021

It is with great pleasure that we present the first in a series of three live electronic music albums from label founder Nick Coleman. The album is the result of two years pre-production, research, development and innovation, at the forefront electronic music technology and performance.

In 2017 Coleman programmed software enabling him to play synthesisers and iOS instruments using the violin, becoming the first violinist in the world to achieve this. During the album recording process, pioneering synthesiser makers Moog and Elektron invited Coleman to beta test their software and iOS synths, as he re-defined the possibilities of electronic music and live performance.

These first eight songs deliver a diverse dynamic of sound and melody and we look forward with great anticipation to witnessing first hand the live show from which this music has become.

“ I’m amazed at the music you have presented here ” – Wolfgang Flür (Kraftwerk 1971-1987)

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