SUK100 Eudaimonia – Uroboros (Remixes)

22nd October 2021

It is with the greatest of pleasure that we present our 100th release. A remix of Eudaimonia’s Uroboros is befitting for the occasion, a collaboration between Eudaimonia, label founder Nick Coleman and Düsseldorf singer Julika Elizabeth.

The vocal session from Julika, recorded by the legendary German engineer Peter Krick, was to be the catalyst and inspiration for Coleman’s remix. Recorded in one takes, Julika lay down every part in an hour, without a single retake. Her aura and energy in the session was truly captivating, powerful & transcendental 🤯The Hindu mantra “Om Namah Shivaya” she performs is a popular passage to further know and understand your own self.

Eudaimonia’s Uroboros is an eternal cycle and ultimately the cause of this chain of events. His remix parallels a similar philosophical after thought, the process of going back around, conjuring a new interpretation to further know and understand oneself.

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