SUK090 | Eudaimonia – Album

4th December 2020

If the purpose of life is to be happy, in a world which presents so many challenges, it makes it difficult to achieve happiness. Aristotle did not believe that the purpose of life was to be happy and proposed that it was to achieve eudaimonia, a word which has been translated as fulfilment. The word encourages us to trust that many of life’s worthwhile pursuits will at points be in discord with contentment and yet worth pursuing nevertheless. At the end of the day, perhaps it is these challenges that will define who we are and leave us with greater fulfilment.

So it is with great pleasure we introduce you to Eudaimonia. The 24 year old Melbourne artist sent an album demo to the label and was signed immediately. For Will, a life of music is a life lived in accordance with the principles of eudaimonia: fulfilment, intensity, working tirelessly to create something that is beautiful and intrinsically valuable. His debut album is a mature, emotionally intense body of work, indicative of an artist whose musical journey and music will both challenge and fulfil himself and ultimately the people he connects with.

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