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We are very happy to welcome our first European artist to the label. German/French musician and DJ Gilles Bernies is a young rising talent who’s passion and dedication to his craft is exemplary. A classically trained pianist and bass guitarist Gilles has focused exclusively on electronic music production and performance for the past 2 years. 

His music is melodic and features his unique atmospheric vocals. Naturally ‘Abstract’ is in every sense of the meaning only part of the composition. however we can begin to understand and determine something of the artists musical form and intent. Despite being orienteered towards grand, open air surroundings it is the contrast in the instrumentation and dynamics – from the dominating staccato leads, driving bass and vocal cries to the subtler counter melodies and ambience, that reflect a confident artistic vision. As the drums subside into a breakdown, the moment reveals an honest nature, one that holds out both hands in welcome. 

Of noteworthy mention, the artwork used for Abstract is a painting by German designer Ilka Rehberger. We look forward to seeing more of her work accompany future Bernies releases!

Support from Patrick Topping, CamelPhat, Rex The Dog, Anna Lunoe, James Zabiela, Spacey Space.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Melbourne duo Market Memories to the label. Their DJ sets are emblematic of the Melbourne music culture and the same can be said of their upcoming productions.

After causing a stir with their huge remix of ‘Faces of Meth’, Market Memories much anticipated debut original release ‘A Good One’ encapsulates an electric party vibe, true to the essence of MM. The hook and rhythmic lead are complemented by a musical arrangement that ebbs and flows, inviting the audience into that special moment where memories are made.

On remix duties the boys personally enlisted the services of Melbourne underground dance rock legend T-Rek. You can be forgiven if you get up and start head banging to this one, we get the feeling that this is exactly the desired intention. Added to the fray of distorted guitars and thumping kick drum is a vocal. A good one.

Too finish off the release Olly Davis comes to the party with a tech mix. His finesse and musicality with his remix is all class and it is no surprise that he has had garnered support from the likes of Carl Cox, Patrick Topping, Stacey Pullen, Joris Voorn and Joseph Capriati.

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