Houseno #2 – Damon Walsh

18th October 2012

The deeper sounds we have come to expect from Damon at the infamous Mi Casa and a precursor to the future Circlejerk parties.

Baby Goggles Suckmusic Mix

15th October 2012

You can catch Baby Goggles playing weekly at Fake Chow – Geelong’s home for underground dance music and those who like to party.

DJ MIX // SSH Suckmusic Mix

28th August 2012

This is a live recording of South Side Hustle residents Adam Askew and Paul Booshank, and guests Junji Masayama & Disco Harry, featuring LIVE TR-808 programing from Junji Masayama. Recorded 01.07.12 @ Lucky Coq. You can find them DJing every Sunday South Side of the river at Luck Coq!

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