SUK091 | Nick Coleman – Skyline

18th December 2020

Our last release for the year ’Skyline’ is the second single from label founder Nick Coleman’s forthcoming live album. The album is the result of two years pre-production, research, development and innovation at the forefront of electronic music technology and live performance.

“As part of my live performance I developed a method of playing electronic sounds using the violin. Skyline was the first song where I was able to perform and record all melodies live. Once I have both hands on the violin it becomes difficult to control almost all aspects of a song. For the time being I am using pedals, body movements and gestures to control sound parameters (for example the filter on the acid arpeggiator). In the not so distant future these parameters will be controlled by brainwaves. When I want the filter to open up, I will think the action and it will happen” – Nick Coleman

The second single ‘Skyline’ is out now with the album to be released the 22nd January, 2021.

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