Ajax //

1st March 2013

Our hearts go out to Ajax’s family, friends & everyone at Sweat It Out. It was a pleasure and inspiration to have known you xx

It has been almost a year since we posted a Spacey Space Revolver DJ set and yes, time does fly when your having fun! When we hinted that we were keen for a mix he came back to us with nothing less than this monster 5 hour DJ mix (318 minutes 54 seconds to be exact) recorded live from his home base Revtown.

Escape a shit day at work, recover at home after a big night out, or even go old school and just kick back, listen and enjoy the music. love & respect always Spacey xx

So its time once again to head down the M1 for Suckmusic in Geelong. This Saturday our guest DJ’s are Adam Bartas (Orkestrated) and young gun Matt Watkins. 

This is our first Suck party @ Homehouse for the year, and if last years parties are anything to go by, its gonna be a big one. Bartas will be on the dex from 12:30 so get down early.

Danny T needs very little introduction. He’s played festivals Future Music, Summafieldayze, Creamfields & Stereosonic as well as being booked to support Crookers, Claude Von Stroke, Sebastien Leger, Switch, Steve Aoki, Bloody Beetroots and more. His hard work has also seen him voted in the top 50 australian dj’s four years in a row.

Danny has topped the club charts with his 2011 number 1 hit ‘Whine Ya Waistline’ and currently has 3 of his productions including original ‘Sex Tonight’ sitting in the Top 50 ARIA Club Charts.

Thanks again to Danny for letting us record his set.


Its time for the percolator, its time for the percolator… sorry where was I… oh yeah, Suckmusic @ Bimbos! This Saturday our special guest is the lovely Sophia Sin. This talented music producer and DJ is currently working hard on her first single due for release in April. She will be playing from 8:30 so get in early and be enchanted followed by Nick Coleman and Silversix playing all things house until last drinks.

Sophia Sin 8:30-10:30pm
Nick Coleman 10:30- 12:30pm
Silversix 12:30-2:30pm

For our 16th party at Revolver we have decided to up the anti. Melbourne’s T-Rek will joining us for the first time on a Friday. A Revolver resident since the first use of the word ‘recovery’ we look forward to hearing what he has to say about all things music2013 and beyond.

Subdivide (Ben Daffy) will also be making his debut for Suckmusic. We signed a killer tech EP  from Ben last month which will be coming out on the label Feb 22nd. Clipping never fails to bring his A game to a Suckmusic party, we will see if we can get him to ok a live recording of his set.

Oh yeah, Silversix Coleman will be fighting it out in a brutal versus set, winner takes all…thats if the bar doesn’t get the better of them first! catch xx


Anyone can DJ these days, its not hard. Get some some tracks, do a mix, bam your a DJ. What separates the good from the bad, the very good from the best is the determination to find and compile new tracks that all work together and say something about the person that you are. We don’t now how long Doakes spends hunting down the tunes that appear on his mixes, but one thing is for sure, he aint just lookin at the top 100. Respect.