SUK036 | We’re Deux – NRC

31st December 2013

For our final release of the year, we welcome back We’re Deux with their new track NRC. Given the quality of the vocal we decided to release the acapella too. Expect more releases along this tip from the boys in 2014.

The flowers on the table were a pleasant contrast to the colour of the apple on the table. Outside, the perfect day. Friday of a long weekend. Gotta get the promo out. No time to think too much. Can’t wait for people to hear the track. I wonder if they will feel alive. Feel something new. Too much caffeine. I like this place, i will come back i think. Jack

BIMBO DECThis Saturday night is our final monthly Bimbos party for the year. We have special guest DJ’s & very talented producers We’re Deux joining us in the house. They have been in the studio of a late and we are definitely feeling what they are hearing.  Keep an eye for their upcoming release ‘NRC’ out on Suck town 28th of December.

Thank you to everyone who has come and supported us in 2013 & a super big fucking thanks & huge hug to Bimbos. WE <3 U 4 EVA C YA 20/ 4TEEN X

Suckmusic @ Revolver Upstairs

6th December 2013

suckmusic dec 2013_new style-05Tonight is our last Suckmusic Revolver for the year! Thank you for all your support, we will be back again Jan 2014 heading full throttle into the musical unknown, just the way we like it. Until next year xx

1 – 2:30 | Nick Coleman
2:30 – 4 | Doakes
4 – 5:30 | Sophia Sin
5:30 – 7 | Khatapillah


“Just finished a 5 hour set @revolverupstairs, probably my best set that I have played thus far on planet earth. I recorded it and will be post to my soundcloud. There was only one track that didn’t seem the right track to play, but no one is perfect. That’s what makes us human Nicholas. Thanks Sunny again for the keys, happy to baby sit anytime xx
#Fuck… thanks to everyone who was hear. Wicked energy comin back to my ears.”

It is with great pleasure that Suckmusic releases legendary Melbourne DJ Spacey Space‘s first original production in 10 years. As a DJ his name is carved elegantly in the foundations of Melbourne’s dance music culture, but is this, is this the building blocks of a new era? Lets hope so.