It has been almost two years since Nick Coleman’s last original release. Having recently signed an album deal with Sweat It Out! with his band ‘Northbrook’, Coleman has been reinventing his sound, a sound which is less serious and lot more fun!

‘Raindance’ however is well…epic. The track took two years to finish and had been shelved by the producer who thought that there was no time and very few places for such an emotional track. This may be the case, or just the opinion of the enigmatic Coleman. Regardless, we think that this is a world class piece of music that is worthy of release.

The track features vibraphone, marimba and percussion, all of which were intricately programmed by Coleman.

Silversix’s remix is a wonderful example of a remix that compliments the original. Emotionally it is a silver lining version of the original, a stripped back, warmer take.

SUK013 // Funky! – Silversix

8th December 2011

Silversix’s second feature release for us this year reaffirms his love for horns, cowbells and everything “Funky!”.

The driving house beat, off beat jazz bass and catchy trumpet lines work the ball room a treat.

Suckmusic would like to welcome our first international producer to the label. Uruguay’s main man DJ PP (Gabriel Rocha) jumps on board with a with a signature funk remix.

Australian heavyweight Chardy backs up with another Silversix remix and its a main room monster. This track is big, make sure you have replacement back up speakers!


Kids These Days is a floor destroyer produced by Ryan Riback & John Baptiste. The vocal is a dark, trashy, club affair with plenty of attitude. The lyrics were stuck in our head “techno music”, and will most likely get stuck in “kids these days” yours!

Stevie MinkSilversixJoel FletcherLowKiss and Kris Sach all delivered great remixes that we had to put in the package. Stay tuned for a few more international remixes that are in the works.

In The Clubs Volume 02 is the second in a compilation series dedicated to promoting new and exciting club music by Australian producers. This one is for all the lovers of techno, tech house, deep, & all things with a serious groove, we suspect there are plenty of you out there. Volume 02 features tracks from producers SwitJohn BaptisteWe’re Deux & Kris Sach.

‘Now Now’ is the hot sister of Stevie’s first banger release Now Drop. There is without doubt, a very very serious musical relationship goin on in this track. Mink has matched the kick and the bass so perfectly that when they hit the speaker, your hips start thinking about babies and begin moving appropriately. Production wise, the focus is on pure dance elements in this track and respectfully pays homage to Minks international influences. We cant wait for the next instalment from Stevie…Now What?

T-Rek had previously done a remix of this track so we were rapt when he OK’d his 2 Track Edit version. He adds his trade marks off beat, lead bass hooks and weird ass cut ups that only the man knows how to work.

While it may be freezing in Melbourne at the moment, over the other side of the globe the Festival season has begun, and it’s all sun and beaches. We expect a few of our international DJ friends and labels to appreciate our next release, whilst Melbourne can expect a re-releases of this unique house track later on this year.

Rod Logic is the next step in a march towards the inevitable Singularity. A human/computer symbiosis in art, we are the combination of the generational capability of modern machines and the aesthetic ability of modern humans. A computer/human hybrid welded by a machine god. Rock over London, rock on Chicago. Join us once you’ve transcended.

Silversix goes melodic beach party vibe with his remix, while Anima Sana saxes up his remix with a banana lounge pool party version. Enjoy xx

We step into the main room with this next release from Stevie Mink. Stevie was cast into the spotlight in 2010 after he and Holly J, delivered a dance floor bomb remix of T-Rek’s ‘Out My Bitch’. SInce then Stevie has found himself DJ’ing in all the name places around town and playing the big Melbourne Festivals.

‘Now Drop’ is Stevie’s first release for Suckmusic and will be the first of many. This track is a big and loose. Trumpet/horn rhythm lead, ghetto disco string change ups and a tuff vocal combine with a great dance floor moving drums & bass.

Heath Renata  continues to churn out quality offerings and this remix is no exception. He brings a precision lead into the equation, almost a modern “Sunshine Of Your Love” guitar riff!

Runi Nunes & Jamie Vlahos along with Juicy join the party for this one, and yes, the party vibe on this track is definitely happening.

In The Clubs Volume 01 is the first in a compilation series dedicated to promoting new and exciting club music by Australian producers. This one is for all the lovers of tech house, deep, & all things with a serious groove, we suspect there are plenty of you out there.

Volume 01 features tracks from producers Simón AgliatiSilversixHeath RenataTom Evans & Joel Alpha and We’re Deux.