Sweetland is a name very slowly climbing the ranks of the Melbourne and Sydney techno scene, and has today released his debut album, titled Out of Nothing.

A release dripping in typical Sweetland characteristics that we’ve come to love here at Stoney – excellently crisp production, and an endless groove littered with gritty and heavy textures – Out of Nothing is a brilliantly crafted journey from start to finish.

Kicking off with the aptly titled The Thunderclouds Crack, Sweetland draws his audience into a world of floating techno rhythms with pillowy pads underpinning the percussion. Modular bleeps dance in and around the sharp claps, whilst the pad continues to grow and temper throughout, until it gives way to the melodic high and a hefty bass line. This is a track that can quite easily find itself a home at the beginning of a night, or in the smokey early hours. An excellent introduction to a hugely impressive debut full length.

From there, similar to his hybrid DJ sets, Sweetland constructs a journey that slowly but surely progresses into the heavier tiers of techno. For instance, Sweetland dances through Innervisions-esque tracks such as Journey of the Dunes, as well as swirling and groaning efforts like Serious and Pfeffle, all the while maintaining a thunderous kick and that clean, clean production.

Track 5 is where Sweetland finds his home. Dimension of Dub pairs shifting and crackling percussion with an immense kick drum, and a dark, eerie drone. But this is far from its only layer of attractiveness: a muffled, blown out dub stab provides the lead while gritty bass notes provide a jumpy and paranoid veneer on top of the entire effort. Sweetland has not only supplied his listeners with a perfect dancefloor tool, he has showcased his dynamic ability as an artist and gives an insight to his capabilities as a producer – as if he hadn’t established himself enough. The huge breakdowns, shattering claps, and sizzling hats, this is the standout from an album of such high quality.

Sweetland doesn’t slow down there. Carrying the dub motif into Balkoni and drawing influence from Berlin on his creepy Daywalker, Night Stalker, he continuously builds and draws back so as to not bore the listener with similar veins of techno. This is exemplified clearly through later tracks like the messy textures of The Pressure and summery set-closer Ge Dang Dang.

While Sweetland is very slowly making his way into local techno royalty in his hometown of Melbourne, this debut album is a surefire stamp on his artistic credibility and capability. If there were any doubts about his production beforehand, they are completely stamped out.

Out of Nothing is released today via Suck Music and you can grab it via Beatport here. Listen to the full release below via the Soundcloud player.

Henry Rowe –

When you get an invitation from legendary Melbourne DJ Boogs to do a DJ mix for Boogs’ Podcast Series, you know you must be doing something very very right. The maturity of Doakes’ DJ mixes transcend beyond his 23 years of age, and it was only a matter of time before he begun working his own original productions.

Doakes’ first release appeared on our ‘In The Clubs’ compilation, a ghetto house weapon titled The Hook. The track could be heard emanating from the clubs of Melbourne and festival stages throughout the 2016 summer and is the labels number one selling track on Beatport.

On This Side marks his first solo release on the label, and we look forward to many more from this extremely talented, hard working DJ/producer.

Tiny Tiny have been in studio lockdown since March this year. This is their second EP release for 2016 and presents a different but same vibe and energy from their first EP. From the outset, the concept of 4 EP’s was to provide a creative scope that would allow the pair to experiment and showcase their diversity and influences. With EP’s 3 & 4 to follow in the second half of 2016 followed by an album in 2017 the guys look determined to shape their own destiny. The duo will perform their debut live show at the upcoming Master Musicians Festival in Kentucky, July 8th.