The music for this CD was originally compiled, licensed and mixed for commercial release in late 2008. Due to the global financial crisis’ impact on record labels/distributors etc, its release was postponed several times, and ultimately canceled. I put a lot of work into the mix at the time, and thought it was a shame to see it go to waste, so decided to press up a bunch of copies myself and give them away. The kind folks at Poison Apple then came to the party and helped me get it out to people. So what you have here in your hand is effectively what was to be the fourth installment in my ‘Freakshow Disco’ series of mix CDs. Hope you enjoy it, T-Rek

ThisCityILove is Nick Coleman‘s second original release. South African voices, Detroit rhythms and Berlin strings reflect the unique appreciation Melbourne has for all music styles. The track instantly captured the attention of the Techno astute including DJ Hell on his recent tour. He immediately licensed the track to his Berlin label International DeeJay Gigolos. It is the opening track of disc 2 on the upcoming International DeeJay Gigolos CD 12, scheduled for release on June 15th, 2010.

Ben aka ‘Silversix’ is a young Electronic Music Producer & DJ from Melbourne, Australia. He is quickly making a name for himself and his productions can be heard in all the right places around town. This track is signed to T-Rek’s label Freak Show Disco. If you play the track out, go to Beatport, buy the wave file & support the artist.