Sophia Sin

1011619_167842290075472_559287731_nSophia Sin
started her whimsical creative journey with an interest in some of the most celebrated music legends. The Beatles, Elvis and Johnny Cash, whom she affectionately lamented as “not being played loud enough,” were high on her track list as she reveled in New Zealand’s aquatic terrain.

At an early age Sophia knew she would not succumb to a conventional lifestyle or toil at a 9-to-5, so embracing her passion and eclectic knowledge of music, she acquired a sturdy pair of headphones and set off to conquer Melbourne’s nightlife. Sophia’s ultimate goal? To make a name among Melbourne’s thriving music industry, and to influence and evolve the underground culture of her beloved city.

Sophia Sin quickly began appearing on club night flyers in an extremely competitive Melbourne underground music industry. Using a consonant blend of her vocals and her own sound recordings, she has since developed a truly unique and diverse world style verging on dubstep and triphop, while exploring tech and deep house.