Suckmusic @ Revolver Upstairs 1/06/2018

18th May 2018

It’s been a little too long between drinks so we’re stoked to be back at Revolver Upstairs in June for another all in classico Suckmusic Friday night. This time we’re launching Connor Mac’s debut EP – Lost Kinship – and for those unfamiliar with Connor’s work, you’re in for a treat. Hailing from the hills of Belgrave, Connor’s take on house and techno is a fresh and well oxygenated approach with a sweet spot for synthesisers.

As per usual with our launch party events we’ll be live streaming the entire event from the cage on the stage and we’re also extending exclusive pre-release access to ‘Lose Kinship’’ for those who click attending. To receive a download link and be added to our free guest list (first 10 people only) PM us your name and email address.

Thank you for your continued support of the label and our nights at Revolver. Catch you on the dance floor.

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